December 7, 2011

I have had this page open all day and now I'm about to pack up and I still haven't written anything.

I was once again inspired by a blog, this time by a girl who does nothing special except write really really well--check her out here. I followed a link to her blog from facebook and apparently so did the rest of the world because her post today was about how she suddenly became viral. Ha. That's not the point. The point is that she's an excellent observational writer--she's witty and topical! I can only hope to be like her. So when I got to school today I opened up blogger and thought, I'm going to write like she would. I spent the day thinking of things to write about, and came up with a list (though short). Topics such as "Why do people spend so much money on a mac and then don't learn all the cool stuff that goes with it like two finger scrolling?!?" or "That nasty wart/blister on my heel" or "How I can't make fun of students on facebook anymore because they've all added me as a friend" or "That stupid hypocritical bitch on facebook that I drives me crazy but I wouldn't delete her but then I finally did". You get it. My life revolves around (not "centers around" that is just plain wrong and stupid! another post I wanted to write) facebook. And mundane shit that no one cares about. And complaining. Again with the complaining. I promise I really am a happy person who is very lucky to have the life I lead!

So, despite my best efforts to observe something and then write about it witty-ly on the interwebz in the hopes that one day too my blog will go viral (even though I actually don't really want that), I came to the conclusion that maybe today is not the day. And I can't force creativity or inspiration.

Therefore, in order to not call the day a complete failure, I decided to document something that I am grateful for.

I am grateful for the health and safety of those I love dearly. Tommy's grandfather has taken a turn for the worse and it just made me realize that I am really lucky that my friends and family are (relatively) ok. Everyone is leading a productive life. Few are unemployed, and those who are have parents willing to take them in until things get better. With the exception of Grandpa Waner, everyone is in good health.

So I am thankful that all I have to complain about is this stupid wart/blister that is making it impossible to train for the marathon. Damn you, universe! Just kidding.

I'm heading home now, Tommy is bugging me on skype. It's the inter mural dodge ball championships tonight. GO DONKEYS GO!

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