The list

#1. Write (and frequently add-to) a list of things I want to do in my life
#2. Document things I'm grateful for (also ongoing) as I'm really good at complaining about my pretty cool life.
   -My view
   -Happy Birthday Danielle! 
#3. Lose five ten pounds-flat stomach hellz yeah
#4. Read Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology 
#5. Get my hair done
      I now have regular appointments like a real girl!
#6. Buy new jeans
      This happened, and within weeks I tore a hole in the knee like any normal third grader, and I'm still wearing them because I'm that cheap.
#6.2 Buy another pair
I actually bought two more pairs since then!
#7. Take down hideous shelves above my TV
      This also happened, sortof. I now hang my ski gear on the hooks that held up the shelves
      And then I moved!
#8. Put up wall mirror and coat hooks
#9. Get crafty, again
    -Happy Birthday Danielle!
    -Get Crafty, pt. 1 
#10. Expand VHS collection
    Never gonna happen. We got married and Tommy bought a nice tv with an apple air and we're getting rid of the VHS player when we move
#11. Become pen pals with somebod
#12. Run a half marathon
#13. Run a full marathon
#14. Get married
#15. Defend my thesis
#16. Graduate from grad school!
#17. Get a job