April 29, 2010

Leaving. On a jet plane. Fact.

Soooo, I'm about to start studying for my last test EVER at Northeastern, but I'm not leaving Boston until May 30th. Therefore, I'm compiling a list of things to do in the area. In general, they're going to be things that I could only do in Boston, however, some might not be. This will be edited frequently.

#1 Walk the entire freedom trail
#2 Harpoon Brewery
#3 Sam Adams Brewery
#4 Go to the top of the Prudential Center
#5 Go to the arboretum
#6 Go to Salem <<---not terribly important

Well, that's it so far. Suggestions welcome.

April 27, 2010

The end is near

It's 7:13 am on a Tuesday. I have one test today, one tomorrow, and one the next. I have a paper that needs some tweaking by Friday. I have another shift at work on Thursday. Normally, I would be caving in a situation such as this, but no. Not this time. This is the last time I'll ever have to do anything like this. The end is near. I'm almost done.

April 5, 2010

Woe is me....

You know, I started this blog because I was inspired.

Inspired by all those artsy-type blogs that have cool/random/quirky pictures from the web or the author's own collection. That contain their thoughts, only in a poetic variety. Have unique and funky backgrounds. In a word, artsy.

So, I thought to myself. I'll start myself a blog. I have things to say and show the world. I can be artsy. But no, my blog sucks. I guess I don't mind it too too much, but it still lacks that "thing" that will make people want to read it after they stumble upon it.

Boo, scientist through and through.