November 9, 2010

So uh....

Sortakinda forgot I had this thing. So uh, I'm back on here I guess.

Things I've done:

Chose the University of Utah for grad school.
Graduated magna cum laude.
Drove out to Utah with him.
Spent the summer doing nothing...and it was glorious.
Started grad school.

Books I've read:

Reading Lolita in Terhan
Love Medicine
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Time Traveler's Wife
The Girl who Played with Fire

***Graduate school is hard, NYT best-sellers are easy-do the math***

Parents got a dog.
Going to his house for Christmas (read: eek!)
Gained a zillion pounds.

Anyways, school's great. Love it. Could take or leave being back home. Need to lose weight.

Will update more

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