November 15, 2010

My view

Things I'm thankful for entry number 1.

The view out of my office. I wish I could take a picture but there are people in here and I think it would just be weird, so I'll describe it.

I am on the top floor of an east facing office. I don't have a wall in front of my head, rather a desk-to-ceiling window. Immediately in front of me are campus buildings, old and new. Between me and the buildings is a field of grass crisscrossed by a half-dozen sidewalks. I get to see all of the co-eds bustle about their days, and something about this particular view of my [extremely large] campus makes me feel like I am attending a [rather small] college. It's quite quaint. Also, being on the top floor makes me feel like I am secretly watching all of the co-eds bustle about their days. Sort of like I am presiding over them and when I am bored, I put thoughts into their heads.

The trees on the quad form an intermediary between me and the ground and right now they are exploding in color--which is nice because lately it's been overcast.

Beyond the buildings are the mountains. They are blanketed in snow and the tops are cut off by the clouds. Winter is on his way, and I get a front row seat.

I love the fact that I get such a huge panorama of the greatest mountains on Earth. I feel so lucky that I am not stuck in a basement or in a lab. Whenever I get sick of looking at my computer I just gaze out my window and relax.

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