November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Danielle!

So today was my second foray* into the world of crafts. My first started on Monday and ended yesterday, but I don't have my camera so you'll find out soon enough.

*To tell you the truth, I make birthday cards all the time--it's really the only type of craft that I consistently do...but it is a craft, and it's my second craft since starting the list, so it totally counts.

My office-mate and fellow structural geologist (not to mention fellow female, there were only two of us that started this year) is turning twenty....six? I think? On Saturday. But this being Thanksgiving weekend, I gave her her card today. That is, if she shows up today with the blizzard conditions and all.

Soooo here's the card:

Outside of card
 Inside of card (I forgot to flip the photo, but you get the idea)
One more outside shot demonstrating the folding capabilities.

So there you go! Happy birthday Danielle!!!

PS: today I am thankful for my boyfriend. I'm sure it will be one of many times I am thankful for him. This morning I was running late and he cleaned off my car and got it heated up. Then he dropped me off at school so I wouldn't be late and parked the car out in bum fuck and walked in. And it was like, less than 20 degrees this morning. He's the best!

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