September 20, 2009

Rocks have been shaken

So I'm sitting in the library and I need to find two TWO!!!! resources to bring to class tomorrow. It's a research paper on hurricanes to make a long story short. Unfortunately, I have found way more than two. I am getting completely caught up in the whole "is climate change human caused or not" debate. Like HOLY SHIT PEOPLE!!! The president of the environmental club might be switching sides. Woah. Some convincing sites include:
-This video on debunking the IPCC report
-Some Phd's blog
-And this whole site in general

To top it all off, while researching, I discovered that a professor I'm considering working under is NEUTRAL about the anthropogenic thingy!

Anyways, I really should get back to my research. It's already been three hours and I haven't accomplished much.

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