January 11, 2011

Get crafty, pt. 1

It's a new semester and that means plenty of time for procrastinating! Which means that I can finally update my blog with things that I did last semester.

[side note: ever notice how a student (and probably professors) mark their time in semesters? How the year doesn't start with January first but with "sometime-in-august"? So, right now, this is the middle of my year. Though it's everyone else's beginning.....oh well!]

I made awesome blinds, bitches. The window above my bed did not come with any sort of shade and seeing as I was in the basement, I selectively chose to think that no one could see into my bedroom...though I'm sure the neighbors got plenty of entertainment anyways. But, NO MORE will I (and Tommy ;) ) be giving free shows to the world! Thanks to this blog, hiphousegirl[dot]wordpress[dot]com (again, not linking because of the super-stalker way I discovered it), I found this blog and made some sweet-as blinds.

Step 1. Buy supplies.
      -Fabric that you like
      -Blinds that fit the width (height doesn't matter) of your window
      -Fabric glue

 2. Cut up the blinds. Take most of the slats off by cutting the thin strings that connect them. Measure the height of your window and decide how many folds you want in your new shade. I chose three, each being about a foot apart.
 3. Glue fabric onto blinds. Drink beer.
 4. The hiphouse girl used cans to make the glue stick, but I found that they just rolled off. Probably due to the unevenness of my apartment.
 5. Find boyfriend to hang them up!

 YAY!!! More crafty posts to come!

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