January 25, 2011

New Years Resolutions (part two...I guess)

Guys, I did it. I am about three weeks into January and am fully sticking to my new years resolutions!

Well at least the first two, for now.

About the budget:

I get paid $747 every two weeks. Yikes, I know.
If it's the first of the month:
  • $500 directly into savings
If it's the middle of the month:
  • $40 into savings
  • $460 into a different rent account
That leaves me with $287 for two weeks:
  • $100 for groceries ($50 a week)
  • ~$15-$20 for gas (this averages out over the month as I fill up when when I fill up, and it usually lasts me three to four weeks)
  • The rest (~$160) is for fun. I realize that this is excessive, but I enjoy buying things! I can't be one of those super thrifty people. Not yet at least. I'm already saving for summer and car insurance, which means that in the short-term-long-term I'm set. Also, I haven't even spent close to this 160ish amount, and what I have left over by the time my next paycheck comes in goes straight into savings. 
Since I do have so much excess, I think after a few months I'll see what I can cut (maybe only $75 for groceries over two weeks?) That way I won't have to work over the summer, which is a number one priority right now :).

Anyways, guess what I'm supposed to be doing work, so I think I'll sign off for now and make this into a series. Hahahaha (evil laugh).

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