May 1, 2012


Not as in "Hey you guys". As in every single song by Of Monsters and Men. Just bought their album. The single "Little Talks" has been stuck in my head for days and days. It's fabulous. And now I'm listening to the first song on the album My Head is an Animal ("Dirty Paws") and it too has a bunch of HEYs keeping time. Must be an Icelandic thing.

But oh gosh they are so good. I love the sound of two lead singers, one male and one female with a full ensemble to back them up. It is so satisfying. I've been listening to too much pop music I think.

ANYWAY. Looks like I'm going to be here for another semester. They don't want me to defend until the fall. I personally think it's for their own selfish reasons, but they are saying they're worried I won't get done in time. Oh well. I do have another TA position lined up. So that's good.

Just writing now. The good news that came from my meeting is that all my results are valid. I was wrong. Whoops. And all I have to do is write em up.

Oh, and happy May. I freaking love spring. But it's not like I've never ever mentioned that.

Also, this.

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