February 2, 2012

Now, let me tell you how to think

I don't often get political on here, but I really should. I have quite strong opinions and I refrain from posting them on the 'book because there are people I am friends with that I don't want to offend. I often feel like I am being a coward because these are things I feel strongly about, but apparently not strongly enough because I don't get the word out.

But here? Here I can do and say whatever I damn well please. This is because I have never told anyone to come and read this blog. And if you are reading it right now, it's because you came here on your own free will. So if liberal tenancies make you squirm you should probably leave now. Just sayin...

Let's start with the bad news. Mostly because it's not that bad after all! Susan G. Komen for the Cure (you know, the Pepto pink everything...?) just announced they're cutting their funding for Planned Parenthood. At first, I was devastated. I mean, it frustrates me to no end that people continue to think that Planned Parenthood is all about abortions, when in fact most of their services are not abortion-related at all, just affordable health care for women and men.

So to have a bunch of funding taken away because they happen to provide abortions didn't seem right to me (well, it still doesn't but read further and you'll see why I'm "ok" with it). Especially because the Cure's money went to breast cancer screenings and prevention. Nothing to do with abortion at all. Needless to say, I was pissed. But then I read this article from my favorite lesbian shitasses. In summary, it talks about how the Cure is mostly run by right-wing, Bush-supporting, tea-partying nut bags people. Therefore, I really had to ask myself why they just didn't do it sooner? Also, since this sparked such outrage, the donations to Planned Parenthood have sky rocketed and they are being cast in the light of the victim right now, which is great. Because they're not a bad organization at all. And hopefully people who thought that PP was all about abortions will learn something new with all this media attention. So there's that.

In GREAT news, Washington is quickly becoming the newest state to legalize same-sex marriage! Yeeeeeehaaawwwwww. Congrats, Washington, for standing up for what is right! I'm not going to go into too much here because I honestly could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on about gay rights issues (especially living in such a homophobic state as Utah) but I won't. I'm just so glad to see our country making progress in the right direction! Hopefully when Obama gets elected again next fall, he'll just come out and say he's for same sex marriage (pun intended).

And lastly I am going to tell you where to eat next. If you live in Salt Lake City that is. Last night my friend Nate introduced me to one of the best Indian/Nepali restaurants I have been to in a while. Kathmandu located on seventh east and second south (in the same parking lot as Sunflower Market). Now, I guess their other location has been opened for some time, but this was my first time eating at either location and it was fabulous. The service was excellent--they brought us some free appetizers, were very knowledgeable about the menu, joked around with us some but not too much and were more than happy to split the check. (I always take servers' attitudes into account on this one because as someone who had to split checks, it's honestly not that hard. Don't let anyone ANYONE tell you otherwise, they're trying to make you feel bad for them so that you'll give them a bigger tip. I give a bigger tip if they don't complain--that being said, I try to tell the server right off if possible, but sometimes I just forget.) The food was pretty good. I can't say it was hands down the best Indian food I've ever had, but there isn't a place in Salt Lake that's better than it to my knowledge. I can't emphasize enough though, it's not that it's bad, it's really really good, I just wasn't blown away. I had the Malai Kofta (duh) and Tommy had the Mattar Mushroom (the other two we were with had meat dishes, so I can't really speak for them). Mmmmmmmmmm sooo good. The vegetable balls in mine were sweeter than I'm used to, but I was ok with it. Next to Tommy's salty mushroom dish, they made a good pair. Both of us asked for "medium" spice levels (they have mild, mild plus, medium, medium plus, hot and Kathmandu hot) but easily could have gone spicier. Our server even told us at the end that for cream-based dishes--like ours--you really should go up to a medium plus or a hot to taste the heat. Best part is that it is cheap. Ok, it's slightly (like one or two dollars) more than other southeastern vegetarian fare in the city, but each entree comes with rice and naan. And they bring you extra rice free of charge if you run out (unlike that STUPID place in Chicago that not only charged for rice and naan, but charged again for extra rice!!!!!). The quality of food and service, combined with the price and location makes it hands down my new favorite Indian spot in the valley. Check it out yo!

Anyway, done with the rants. Whew, that feels good. Now I can go back to good ol FB and pretend I don't have opinions. Wish me luck!

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