June 25, 2012

Hello (goodbye) June

Oooops. Things have been (sorta kinda?) busy. But mainly good. Really, really good. Which is why I started neglecting writing. Anyway, June in no particular order:

  • Have been slowly progressing, thesis-wise.
  • Moved
  • Started gardening (well, maintaining someone else's garden---but still)
  • Built a keggerator with Tommy
  • Saw a lot of good friends
  • Hosted our first big party
  • Bike commuting a lot further than I'm used to
  • Summer shape up
  • Mountain biking
  • Cooking lots
  • Salt Lake City Arts Festival
  • Under African Skies at Red Butte Garden
  • Lots and lots of wedding stuff
And now, with just a few days left, Tommy and I are off to do some field work! Gahhhhh I can't believe summer's halfway done!

Gots to get back to work! See you later alligator!

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